• The greatest healers are nature, God, Mother Earth, yourself, your immune system, your mind and your spirit. Healing means activating your self-healing capacity, bringing you back in touch with your own healing energy.

  • The healer will give you all skills to get better, all love, all respect, compassion and attention possible, guide you through your transition and advise you how to re-establish your own guidance. 

  • The happiest moment for a healer is when the patient doesn't need any healing anymore. When the problem is solved or the patient has successfully taken it into his own hands. That is the ideal of healing.

  • Healing addresses all aspects of you, not only the specific health or life problem. The healing energy heals the whole body, re-connects you with your own inner source of energy.

  • The healer is your guide on the path of healing, your temporary energy source till your battery is working, your connector to your own higher states and to your own immune system. 

  • The healer is a channel and the energetic, telepathic link between you and the healer is like an invisible power cable. As you grow out of your health or life problem during the healing process, you will re-gain access to your own sources of energy, guidance and intuition.

  • Healing guides you in states of transitions. It is often in transitional moments in life, when health problems, emotional problems or practical threats caused by both of them shake you up.

  • Illness is a wake up call. Pain is your alarm clock and the beginning of a healing process. The absence of feeling is your most dangerous enemy: getting numb. Healing wakes your body up and refreshes your energy fields.

  • Your cells are regenerating - your body feels full of calming vibrant energy.

Spiritual Healing 

  • connects you and the healer with the universal force of energy and the spiritual dimension to which we all have access to by our nature.

Chakra Healing

  • concentrates on the vibrating energy centers, which Ayurveda and many ancient healing traditions are working with for millenniums. The chakras influence both physical and mental/emotional sides of you and thereby connect them. They are like receivers and transmitters of energies that influence you. Balancing them introduces a positive change in the body system that stimulates your emotional equilibrium and your self-healing system.

Shamanic and Tantric 

  • rituals address the archaic needs for myth and self-discovery that can sometimes be part of a healing process. Healing is more than just getting rid of a problem. The problem is the beginning of a journey. The healing is the way of getting in touch with your true self.

  • Erotic and spiritual energy are close to each other. Releasing your blockages on a physical, mental and spiritual level makes you feel how inter-connected everything is. How you can change your life in a moment with a smile rather than with a drama. A new quality of life, more joyful, more content, more colorful, more sensual is gradually coming up. The transformation has started.

Re-Balancing, Re-Energizing, Re-Charging. 

  • Reiki, magnetic healing, bio-energetic healing are all various forms of energy transfer methods that address your physical and emotional energy fields (your magnetic field and astral body, as it is called in some traditions). They have an instant effect on your physical systems and your emotions.

  • Spiritual healing addresses your spiritual energy channels, your higher self, your access to energy and guidance from other dimensions. You have this ability by nature, but you were afraid to acknowledge it. The healing process can re-establish your access to your spiritual source.

There is nothing for you to do. Just relax and let it happen. 

The energy will find its own way exactly where it is needed.

Let it be.