through Bodywork, Healing, Hypnosis and Psychotherapy

  • Relax from the stress of your day
  • Balance and center yourself
  • Find your inner source of energy, your connection to God and the universe
  • Work with your most powerful energy sources deeply inside of you
  • Discover the deeper levels of your mind, your spirit and your body open the gates of awareness
  • Confront your fears, blockages and inhibitions in inner peace and strength and learn how to change them
  • Meet your shadow, your anima, your spirit guide, your future person in guided visualization, meditation, healing use your dream level to understand yourself and your world better and heal yourself
  • See the god and goddess in yourself and in everybody around you. See the sacred aspect of all nature. Your nature, too.
  • Use your dream state in hypnotherapy with the healing and integrating powers of your mind, your subconscious and your higher self
  • Go deep into your alpha state, the state between sleep and awakening, the dream state - feel how the information in your muscles and cells changes under the pressure of my bodywork and your mind calms down
  • find your strength and talent and see the lessons that come with it as a pattern in your life when working with me on your psychological structure
  • Work from your body into your mind and from a rejuvenated, re-balanced, re-energized mind back into your body
  • connect your spiritual, mental and material reality
  • connect the missing links in your personality
  • work with your childhood memories, fantasies, fears and tensions and turn them into a source of energy
  • understand your shadow and learn to integrate it
  • balance your health, nutrition and lifestyle to your own personal wellness

  • use your own psychic talents to tune in more deeply into your and others vibration learn to understand the language of feeling
  • leave your sorrows, your fears, your exhaustion, your sad experiences, your blockages, your restrictions all behind and just be your full true self - be
  • feel your connectedness with your own inner center, with the universe, with Mother Earth, with God. They are all you. Trust your light, your potential, your path
  • realize your real potential, your cosmic plan, your creative power to change any aspect of your life into the positive
  • discover your sensual-spiritual-intuitive self
  • let your life become a dance
  • You are the creator, this is your creation
  • express yourself in everything you do
  • learn to give and receive (most people can do only one of the two full-heartedly)
  • enjoy
  • be

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