Expand your limits. Release your stress. 


Discover your full energy. 

Let go.

Leave your pain and tensions behind. Pain can be healing, too. It can awake the hidden memories of our shadows, of pain in your past. It can release your demons and open your whole body, mind and spirit. Allow me to be your guide.

Fresh energy.

This can be the beginning of a deep transformation.

The stimulation of a healing process that encompasses the whole personality. It can free you. It can lead you to your inner center.


Deep relaxation, clearance and increased wellness and self awareness accompany the healing process. The psychotherapy and bodywork trigger it off. The healing releases the mind.

Catharsis. Re-Creation.

I combine a variety of body work, healing and re-balancing to increase your experience and your well-being.

You will go wherever you need to go. Even to the center of yourself.

Realize your Freedom.

You are exploring your hidden potential. 

Freeing it will improve your life.

  • It will open you up to your body and your very own source of energy.

  • It will open you up to your mind, your emotions, your affections and habits and allow you to see them, understand them and change them as you need.

  • It will open you up to your own way to the never-ending spiritual source of all creation, because it is a reflection and expression of this creation, of the whole universe and its source.

  • It will make your body healthier, your heart happier, your mind clearer, your emotions more joyful and your spirit stronger.

You re-create yourself on your path every day newly. Sometimes it is good to feel this again. Not only knowing it, feeling it in your body makes your system acknowledging the positive change.

You will let go.

You will become balanced. You will leave your stress, your health problem and your burdens behind.

Just be. You will be relieved.

You are the creator of your reality and one important co-creator of this world. I will help you, guide you, stimulate and balance your body, advice you, work with you on your specific stress and problems. 

The rest depends on yourself.  

  • You have all the tools to help and to heal yourself hidden inside of yourself. I will help you to find and to use them.