The Enneagram

An ancient system and modern technique

of self-awareness and transformation

The Enneagram is an ancient system of gaining self-awareness, a system of 9 basic character types with a variety of individual differences. A system that causes you to reflect your way of thinking and living. That shows you the light and shadow sides of your path. 

It urges you to look at yourself differently and see who you are. It is a perfect tool for self discovery and a very deep reaching psychological system.

In modern times this system has been developed to a useful map of your personality, in which only you yourself decide where you stand.

Working with the Enneagram offers you to look at yourself from a different angle and remove self-destructive or unproductive habits quickly as you understand your personality structure in a clearer and wider sense.

It is a very effective modern psychological technique to bring you in touch with your basic nature. As a result you will see things clearer for yourself, progress on your path faster and happier and start dealing with everyday life in a different way.

Working with the Enneagram can be a life-transforming experience. Layer by layer you reach deeper into the different aspects olf your person, and as better you understand yourself, your life will improve on all levels. This can be the beginning of a major positive change in moments of transition in your life. The enneagram starts growth and a personal learning process with direct everyday effects. The Enneagram experts Riso-Hudson describe that on their website ( as follows:


"Am I really making progress on my path?"

"What is the truth? Are we better off now or not?

The answer lies in seeing our spontaneous reactions in a variety of circumstances, particularly in those that formerly provoked negative responses from us.

If the people and situations that brought out the worst in us no longer do, then we can be sure that we have made real progress.

If we formerly lost our patience or compassion whenever we dealt with a particular person or circumstance and we no longer do, then we can be sure that we have made real progress.

If life becomes easier, more expansive and zestful, an unending adventure instead of something we must "get through" until it is over, then we can be sure that we have made real progress.

If we find that we smile easily,are grounded and openhearted, and are able to bring the full force of our Being to the tasks of the day with the involvement of a curious child and the non-attachment of a disinterested witness-then we can be sure that we have made some real progress."


Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson from


The Complete Guide to Psychological and Spiritual

Growth for the Nine Personality Types

(Bantam Books, 1999), pages 367-368