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Deep Tissue Bodywork


The full information of your life, your health, your emotions, your fears, your unresolved problems and tensions are stored in your body. They show in your muscles and your reflexology points.

Releasing the blockages and getting rid of old burdens through deep tissue massage is one way to communicate between your body, mind and spirit.

Every physical, mental, emotional or spiritual problem that causes stress, tension, fear, depression, illness or anxiety can be seen in your body and can be solved through your body.

By pressing the right points in a deeply relaxing massage signals of healing and balancing are sent to your body. Your body reacts to this stimulations and activates its own self-healing system.

Painful memories that can block progress and well-being and stress-related tensions are relieved. The connection between body, mind and spirit is reactivated. The healing process starts first in the body, then in the mind.

Combined with Hypnotherapy, Healing and Psychotherapy the body approach of this healing and re-balancing technique can produce unusually fast results that go much further than conventional relaxation techniques. 

A new awareness of yourself, a new view to unresolved problems will occur. You will start seeing your path and your very special gifts clearer and clearer. You will resolve your practical and personal problems with a different understanding and approach.

The combination of body-related, mind-related and spiritual healing approaches in my session will give you an individualized experience that can change your approach to everything you are confronted with in life.

  • It will improve your natural health and well-being, solve blockages and release energies.

  • It will clear your body and mind from old trash and open the links between all your energy centers.

  • It will balance you and increase your awareness, wellness and positive energy.


ESALEN massage,1989

Certified Member of 

IZII (International Zentherapy Institute  Inc.) 2001


Advanced Certified Hypnotist and N.L.P. Practitioner

leela trainer


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