Steps on your path to healing, balance and wellness

  • be yourself, your own fully centered energy field, expressing yourself, focused, full of vibrant light, full of gentle, but powerful impact - creating your world as you wish the co-creator of the creation

  • understand your patterns, your habits the whole set of details that have become your individual personality see the missing links, the talents and the burdens and learn to master them

  • remove your blockages, all the mental and emotional waste of your past that keeps your energy caged in self-repetitive circles.

  • heal old scars of your soul, understand the pains of your past and feel them a last time, while you are calmly watching them leaving your system.

  • learn who you really are and leave everything behind you what has stopped you so far from being it, as you go deeper into yourself and learn to observe your life from a light-hearted, conscious distance.

  • grow out of old fears, blockages, negative patterns leave your mental and emotional cage become free

  • become conscious of your body, mind and spirit, see how they connect into every little detail of your life: your dreams, wishes, hopes, ambitions and ideals as much as your nightmares, fears, illusions, depressions and routines.

you are a living expression of love and the all-creative, all-immanent, all-encompassing energy of love and re-creation: you are permanent, you are eternal, nothing can destroy the real you and you are free to go on